Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dang! Ain't It Hot Out There!

Ty has been working on this awesome looking coop. He threw in some really snazzy windows on the sides as well as some other nifty extras. I will post a pic asap. Yes, it's for sale. But it won't be here long. Its a 4x8 with a full roof. Call for more info!

Who are y'all?


Ty is one guy building chicken coops. His trusty sidekick Bry is usually with him. And I am Kay, I handle all the paperwork and this site. 

We customize and handcraft each and every coop & hutch. Our hands are involved in every step from the moment a design is finalized, to the picking of wood, to every screw that is drilled and nail that is tapped. Our coops & hutches are unique to their owners - every single one is different. 

We start with a few basic designs which you can find in the above tabs at Chicken Coops and Rabbit Hutches and then we customize everything to your liking. And what if you want an odd shape? Say you want a 2x6? Easy. No problem! Want the corners stained and nothing else? Got it! Ordering a chicken coop is as easy as ordering a birthday cake. And that's exactly why you won't ever find pricing on this site. We try to be fair - to you and to us - and our prices are reasonable. But honestly, we'd rather be talking about what you need in a chicken coop than a dollar amount any day. So kick our tires about and when your ready to build something that will last or have a question, give Ty a call. 

There is one more thing you should know - there is no box kit for our designs, no cutting corners - and the way we do it takes time. Rarely do we have any coops on hand because as soon as they are built, they are sold. There is typically a waiting list. Orders are filled as they come in. Expect to at least wait a week but it could be longer. 

Oh! wait one more because I just gotta...we kind of expect to want to know what your keeping in your coop - and we kind of *really* frown upon you wanting to keep your fighting dogs or cock fighters (yes, we get that a lot) or even your kids in them - however, if you got something different - say not a chicken and not a rabbit, like maybe a pig or goats or sheep or maybe a monkey, (who knows?) - ask Ty, he might just say yes. And if you have a stash of windows and want a greenhouse, he might just say yes to that too. ;) 

Welcome to our place, we hope to see you again!