Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring is...almost...

What's that you say? That would be baby BUNNIES!!! Yes! We have BUNNIES! Our adorable Californian Cross Apple (mom Gwynnie was Californian, dad B.B. is a mini-lop) gave us the most wonderful assorted bundles of wonder - great grandchildren! - oh how much fun watching rabbit lineage has been for me.

The father is the handsome Half-Lionhead Blue-eyed Kutcher Wayne. So we are anticipating some BLUE eyes!!! We will be asking $50 for blue eyes, $25 for all others. These babies have been held since day 1. They will be sweet!!!

There is a LIST forming for these adorable little ones! If you want on, please send an email to

We have:

2 Black & White
2 White (one white has an ear nip)
2 Red & White

We will be breeding again soon so expect more.