Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Recent Inquiry

Hello to all of our CbT family, friends, and future clients!

We would like to take a moment to address and respond to a recent inquiry and accusation that our chickens are unhealthy. Where this came from we have no clue. However, we have deduced that it possibly could have occurred because of my recent battle with camphylobacter.

Camphylobacter is a bacteria-borne illness which the CDC did not even recognize until 1972. It was merely seen as "Traveler's Diarrhea". And typically you get camphylobacter from eating undercooked chicken. At the time of my infection, I was vegetarian so chicken was out. I had been sublicensed to do wild animal rescue. I had recently rehabilitated 2 baby raccoons, and we believe this is where I got it from.

At no point, back in June nor anytime during the summer or now have our chickens or baby chicks ever had any serious health related issues. We worm twice a year. We dust for lice. And during the early spring, most of Ellis county did have coccidiosis running about and we treated for it and had no losses.

We have given away - FREE - hundreds of baby chicks to our customers and never have had any complaints. Never. The only complaint we ever got was, "Hey Ty, this is a rooster, can you please take it back?" And we always have. As many of you know our clients are not just customers, they are family to us. When one of them has a question about chickens or rabbits, Ty is quick with a response.

I am insulted by the accusation for not only my immediate family here at the farm but for our clients as well. We do our absolute best to insure quality chicks to match our gorgeous coops. Ty had had many inquiries from people not needing coops but wanting some of our chicks so he recently posted an ad offering to hatch chicks for people. He enjoys the process of gathering eggs, candling them, insuring a good hatch, and monitoring baby chicks their first few weeks; it's like a hobby for him. Anyone who would like to come and get chickens or coops from us is more than welcome here at the farm. Our chickens and rabbits are spoiled rotten daily with a variety of scraps, quality feed, and fresh water.

For more info on camphylobacter. I am better now. In part due to the outpouring of support from our client "family" who prayed for me, brought me plants, brought me soup, and were continually asking Ty how I was doing. The love I have received over the last few months has been abundant and I am deeply grateful - thank you!

In over a year, we have never had anyone disappointed that we know of - with chicks, coops, or dealing with Ty (or Bry, or me!). If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns, please call Ty directly at 214-399-8401.
He would be more than happy to talk to ya!

with much love and respect,
Kay <3