Custom Cabinetry & Furniture

We have had several inquiries about Ty building cabinets and so I thought I should share mine with y'all. He is unaware that I am posting these but well, that's one of the "perks" of being web mistress now isn't it? I am about to brag about my cabinets and furniture he has built for me because well, for this mom, they are totally amazing and awesome! And as always, thank you Ty. I love them!

The kitchen in our farmhouse was completely gutted ("down to the dirt" - literally) and to be completely honest I hated the idea of spending a ton on what was essentially cheaply made, pressed wood cabinets. I mean they are fine and all, but not for me. I needed cabinets that could withstand a lifetime of abuse *grins* and I asked Ty to make them for me according to the vision in my mind. He's exceptional at that I will say, you can tell him a visual, draw out a sketch, or even show him a picture of what you have in mind and he can recreate it.

The Bread Box Cabinet. We purchased an old breadbox off eBay for $15 with the glass "Bread" insert. The only reason we bought it was for that piece of glass with it's chipped paint which I then repainted (yes, that's my handiwork). Ty then took the glass and made this awesome hinged bread cabinet.
Bread Box Cabinet with Chalk Board Storage Bottom Cabinet
Pantry Cabinet
Above the Microwave Cabinet
(The tin tile inserts are also used as our backsplash throughout the kitchen.)

Glasses Cabinet


The Queen's Room (No, its not mine *grins*, it was the room most damaged by termites - "termite queen" - so it was nicknamed this many moons ago. Again, another room we completely gutted and redid with tons of beautiful wood including this built-in bookcase. It's our son, Andrew's room now, note the Star Wars.)

The large armoire is very old and was purchased from a farmer's market.
Needing more space, I beckoned my handy carpenter to add me two smaller, matching cabinets to either side of it. I love these pieces. 
The Toybox. This was built because I was tired of seeing the toy bins.
Yes, children need toys but the room is a multipurpose nook and I didn't want to see them all-the-time. so Ty built this for me one afternoon.

I want to also mention the incredible Quilting Desk Ty has built. Originally for my Mother, I stole it! And such it is not finished (meaning: needs sanding & staining) because well, I sort of went crazy sewing last year and needed space for all of that gear. But! It is awesome and yes, it has the flip-up huge back table on it (if you are a quilter, you know how important that is!) as well as four awesome shelves. If you are interested in seeing it, I will send pictures but I am not posting it here cause well, its not pretty finished done done. On that quilting note, we have discussed building a wooden quilting frame one day. 

My point here is, if you need something built out of wood, and don't know who to call, and maybe you yourself don't even exactly know what you want/need, give Ty a buzz. He may just have a solution! Because while he builds an excellent chicken coop it is by no means his only talent with wood. 

Thanks for reading y'all! 

And if anyone has any questions on painting "rugs" onto wood floors  please feel free to ask us!  Because yes, we did that too because my dogs kindly prohibit any kind of true rug on my floor.