Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coops: Chicken Village

4x12 Totally modded coop for moi!

Basically, we had this idea of Chicago Brownstones, how they all sit next to each other with different roof pitches and door colors and it just blossomed into this. I am so very proud of this coop and I want to thank Ty for making it for me, for always humoring my whims and just getting creative with it. Thanks babe. ;)

Ok, here is specs:
4x12 divided into 4 (4x3's give or take, we fudged a little on some of our bigger birds and gave them more room but they don't know that) separate coops each with its own roosting area, and grazing area. Each of the four roosts have individual drop-down back doors for easy egg retrieval.

And if anyone knows of ANYONE who may have Sicilian Buttercups (purebreds), please send us a holler - we are in desperate need of a rooster as we have five very lonely Italian girls. ;)