About Our Work


All of our chicken coops are as unique as our customers! People take their chickens seriously! Some people want the coop to reflect the house, some people want something fun for their kids, whatever you dream, let us design!
We buy all of our materials new and locally from Lowe's, Home Depot, and Mueller. Though we do have the occasional request from clients seeking that quaintness in old barn wood or rusted tin roof, and if available we will be happy to oblige. However, we generally will not build from wood you provide. There are to many variables involved in the construction and rather than saving you money, these bids usually end up being quite a bit more.
Although if you have something special you would like to incorporate into your coop, such as antique wheels or having it built upon a trailer or pretty much anything you could think of, we will consider it and give you an honest assessment as to if what you want done can be done in a safe, reliable manner.
And those are just a few ideas to get you started! Want a Chateau in a 3x10, no roof, hog bottoms, vinyl siding coop enclosure, with pink buckets, painted white for your little girl's turkeys? Call us, let's talk.