Ordering & Pricing

Coops by Ty makes every effort to insure you are HAPPY with your purchase. Our work is special. Our work is ART for your yard. We use REAL wood, and REAL time to craft every single one by HAND. We typically have a waiting list ranging anywhere from 1 week to a month out. To get on the waiting list, you have to place an order. It is highly unlikely to have a FAST (1-2 day) turn-around but sometimes, it does happen.

Every order is crafted in the order it is received. Please don't ask to jump line.
We are not a factory. With inclement weather, expect delays (unless you have a rabbit hutch).

For all you people not living in the great state of Texas, yes, we might be able to ship depending on your order. Shipping fees would apply.

For connecting states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana - we may be able to deliver for a fee, or meet you half-way, just ask!

Orders can be placed Mon-Sat 9-5 @ 214-399-8401
Appointments for a Custom Consultation are available Saturdays.
We are closed Sunday.

Delivery fees range from $50 and up depending on location, fence, obstacles, etc.

Non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total is required on all goods and services. Buyer agrees to pay remaining balance at the time of delivery. No warranty expressed or implied. Quotes are good for 30 days only.

Prices are subject to change.